Yify Proxy List For 2020 | YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites

Yify Torrent Solution (YTS ) or more commonly known as Yify torrents is considered to be the best among the thousands of torrent sites available on the internet. Whenever we want to download premium newly released movies, TV series, or even subtitles, we have always turned to Yify torrents. Yify offered the largest torrent database accessible to all without any cost.

But if you have such an option, why are you here?

Because YTS Got banned !!

In the year 2015, various law firms accused Yify of the illegal market they were working in. This accusation of providing premium content to the masses for free lead to the shut down of Yify Torrent Solutions.

Though you can’t use YTS now, it doesn’t mean that now you can’t watch your favorite blockbuster movie for free. There are still thousands of Yify proxy sites and mirror websites available in the market that can help you to access the premium content in the market.

But before we move on to those sites, let us first understand the basic working of these proxy sites and mirrors.

What is a Proxy site & How do Proxy Sites Work?

A proxy site or proxy server is a virtual bridge between you and the internet. Thus with a proxy server, you can virtually create an anonymous connection between you and the website you want to access. So when you use a proxy site, a Yify proxy site for this case, your browser establishes a connection with the unknown gateway which in turn lead to or technically redirects to the website which you are trying to reach. Hence, the destination website will never be able to decode the original IP address and thus you can have access to premium sites with your virtual footprints erased by the Yify proxy sites.

So now you know about the working of a YTS proxy site, you must be eager to use it. But which proxy site will you use?

With thousands of such sites available on the internet, we will provide you with a list of reliable Yify proxy sites that you can use.

Yify Proxy List For 2020

Though these sites are very reliable, such YTS proxy sites are geo-blocked in many countries. Hence, If you cannot access to your favorite website using the above-mentioned proxy sites, you can use these Yify mirror sites as your YTS alternative.

Best Mirror Sites As Yify Alternatives 2020

With thousands of torrent sites to choose from, here are some of the best highly organized, easy-to-access torrent sites to be used as a mirror site for YTS.


pirate bay

The party bay is considered to be the oldest torrent website with the largest torrent database around the globe. With its home page similar to the google search page, The Pirate Bay makes it very simple for the user to search for their torrent files among the wide varieties of torrent categories. Like YTS proxies, there are several Private Bay proxies available too.


kickass torrent

Launched in 2008 and with a torrent database of more than 12 million files, this torrent website is really Kickass. Considered to be the best torrent site on the internet, Kickass torrents can be one of the most genuine YTS alternatives for you. Not only from blockbuster movies to some amazing TV shows like ‘Game of Thrones’, but Kickass torrents also provides a total of 5 other categories for example anime. Though this website is very easy to access, still there are several proxies available too.



With newly released music and movies to your childhood’s favorite anime, torrentz2 will be like your personal storehouse. With millions of torrent files from all over the internet and even from some significant torrent sites, this torrent website will make you forget every other torrent websites which you have used in the past. The most reliable torrentz2 proxy is


Lime Torrents

Finally making its mark in the torrent industry, Lime Torrents is now all set to be replaced as a YTS alternative. While the website offers torrent files of every category and genre, Lime Torrents can preserve your precious time through the sub-categories like time & bandwidth available for its various torrent files.

Final Words

So I have hope that now you not only have access to various Yify proxies but also the basic technical understanding of how these proxies are useful to you when you want to access any premium or copyrighted content on the internet whether it is a movie, TV series, song, games or even anime. Even if your country’s Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) has banned these proxies, there are still various mirror sites that can be used as YTS alternatives, among which, the best websites are mentioned above. So go access your favorite premium content for free.