How To Play Roblox On A Chromebook: 3 Easy Methods To Do So

Despite being one of the most renowned gaming platforms, Roblox wasn’t available for Chromebook for quite some time. But for the past few years now, the platform has been added for Chromebook users. Due to their ignorance, most of the people still think that their favorite gaming platform, Roblox is inaccessible to them till now. But here we are to unveil the veil of ignorance and guide you on how you can play Roblox on a Chromebook while using no third party software or untrusted sites to download the Roblox app. Instead, we are going to use the Play Store for this purpose. Raring to learn and play your favorite Roblox games? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Play Roblox Games On Chromebook In 2020 Using The Play Store

1. First thing first, you need to change the Play Store settings and allow your Chromebook to install apps and games from Play Store.

2. Now, search for Roblox on Play Store and Install the app. Open it once installed. If you don’t want to play Roblox right now, you need to open the app from the app drawer later on.

install roblox


3. Once you open the app for the first time, you need to click on the SignUp option if it’s your first time on Roblox. Click on Login if you already have an account on Roblox.

sign up to reblox

4. Time to provide some basic information about yourself and create an account. This information includes your unique username. Then you have a set a password for your Roblox account, confirm the password by re-entering it. Finally, choose your gender and tap on Sign Up.

enter details

5. To confirm yourself as a genuine Roblox user, you need to go through a certain captcha.

enter captcha

6. On the home page of Roblox, you will see a variety of games and you can play the one which to like.

play roblox on chromebook

Some More Methods To Enjoy Roblox On Chromebook

There might be some cases where Chromebook is not able to show its support for Play Store. But you need to play Roblox games on your Chromebook, hell or high water. So here are some more tricks that can be used.

Using ARC Welder

ARC Welder is an amazing app that can easily turn any AKP file into a Chrome app. Before adding Roblox to your Chromebook, you need to install the ARC Welder extension to your Chromebook from their web store. Once you do that, it’s easy to download ARC Welder on your Chromebook. The downloaded APK file can be found in the Downloads section of your Chromebook. You need to install the Roblox from there as you normally do with any APK file. Once the app is installed completely, Roblox is ready to be enjoyed on Chromebook.

Playing Roblox Using A Remote PC Or Mac

There’s a trick in Chromebook using which you can enjoy Roblox on your Chromebook by taking a remote session from another PC or Mac. This method to work you or your friend needs to have a PC or Mac and Roblox should be installed on it.

If both the conditions are fulfilled, follow the steps given below.

1. On your Chromebook, find the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Chrome Web Store and tap on ADD TO CHROME.

2.Once the installation is complete on your Chromebook, it’s ready to play Roblox games by getting remote access to your friend’s PC.

3. You need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on their device as well.

4. Now that the app is installed on both the devices, you need to open it on both of them. If you want to play Roblox on your Chromebook using their PC as a host for just today, then you need to choose the Remote Assistance option. If it will be a regular thing from now on, select the My Computer path. This will guide you to establish a more trusted connection.

5. Once that’s done, you need to open Roblox on your Chromebook and you can enjoy playing it.

Final Words

With thousands of exiting games, Roblox can never bore someone. And if you are a regular Roblox player, then you already know that it’s hard to give up on such an addiction. So when you suddenly experience that Roblox is not compatible with the Chromebook that you just brought, it breaks your heart. But you need not worry, the methods above will definitely work for you, helping you enjoy your Roblox games on your Chromebook.