How To Turn Off Automatic App Updates In Windows 10? All Or Specific Apps

Automatic app updates are present on your Windows 10 PC for your own feasibility. You don’t have to check for the updates manually for each app. But there can be a countless number of reasons as to why you don’t want your apps to update automatically. Maybe the version you are using right now has won your heart, or the reviews about the new updates are not up to the mark. Or maybe it has various bugs that can ruin your experience with the app. But whatever may be the reason, you just want to stop auto-updates of software on Windows 10. If you have already tried to figure out the way to do that, you might not have found out. But it’s easier than you think. And we are here to let you know how it’s possible.

Stopping Automatic App Updates In Windows 10 PC

For doing so, you will be using the Microsoft App Store. The option to stop the apps from automatically updating is available in the App Store itself.

1. Click on the Windows icon present on the left bottom of the screen. You can also use the Windows icon present on your keyboard to open the option of Windows. All the apps will appear now. You need to scroll down and locate Microsoft Store.

microsoft store

If you find it troublesome to locate the Microsoft Store, use the search bar given adjacent to the Windows icon. Open the Microsoft Store once you locate it.

2. Now tap on the menu icon (three-dot icon) available on the top right of the screen. From the various options that you see, click on Settings.

microsoft store settings

3. The first thing that you will see in Settings is App updates. For turning off the automatic app updates in Windows 10, you simply need to toggle off the button that says, Update apps automatically.

disable updates

Done! You have successfully stopped the apps on your Windows 10 PC from updating automatically.

Turn Off Automatic Updates For Specific Apps

Searching On Browser

Some people want automatic updates for almost all the apps, excluding one or two. And turning off automatic updates just for those selected apps seems inappropriate. But maybe it’s possible to turn off automatic updates for those particular apps. It’s no guarantee that those apps will definitely have an option to turn off the updates you can try your luck.

The best way to do that is by searching on Google as to how you can disable auto-updates for that specific app. And it’s really possible to do that, you will definitely get the positive results. For instance, in our case, we tried to find ways to disable auto-updates on Audacity. We found out that Audacity never auto-updates its software. You need to manually update the new version over the current one.

Disabling Auto Updates With Windows Firewall

The best option to disable updates for a single app is Windows Firewall. The method to do so is a bit typical, but if you follow the method step by step, it’s definitely gonna work for you.

1. Use the search option to find and open Windows Firewall.

windows firewall

2. On the left-hand side, you will see an option by the name Advanced settings.

advanced settings

3. Now, click on the Inbound Rules option available on the left-hand side.

inbound rules

4. Tap on New Rule… after that.

5. This will open a new window where you need to add new rules. Select Program and click on Next.

create inbound rules

6. Now you need to enter the path (link) for the app for which you don’t want automatic updates. If your app (the one you don’t want updates for) is on the desktop, right-click on it and go to Properties.

copy app path

Under the Shortcut heading, you need to copy the link given under Target. Don’t copy the double brackets given with the link.

7. You need to paste the same link in This program path and click on Next.

select the app for inbound rule

8. On the next page, you need to select Block the connection and click on Next.

block the connection

9. The next page shows the places where the rule applies. You simply need to select Next.

places to apply rule

10. Finally, give a name to your block and add a little description, and tap on Finish.

finish inbound rule

The inbound rule is set. Now you need to go back to the same screen again where you selected the Inbound option and this time select Outbound option. Use the exact similar steps to set the outbound rule. when you successfully do that, the app that you desire won’t be able to use the internet connection, hence not able to update automatically.

Final Words

So there were some ways using which the apps on your phone can stop from getting updated automatically. Although the updates are for our own benefit, as we said, the reasons for not updating the apps can also be many.


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