How To Reset Windows 10 PC: Without Losing Data Also Possible

Facing issues in your Windows 10 PC/laptop is not a new thing. In fact, not facing a single issue at all can be a little surprising. These issues can be big or small but they surely hinder the productivity of our work. Some of the common issues that you can face while working with a Windows 10 PC are, slow working of the PC, files getting opened in the wrong folder, unnecessary notifications, and unnecessary delay in connecting with WiFi. And no matter how many times you restart your device, you still face the same issue again and again.

All the problems you are facing can easily be rectified once you reset your Windows 10 PC/laptop. Resetting your device can also help you remove all your personal data if you are deciding to sell out your system. So basically it can be a remedy to all your issues related to Windows 10. Be it the hindrance in the smooth working of the device due to any reason or multiple personal files that are stopping you from getting rid of your device by selling it out. So here’s how you can reset your PC.

Resetting Windows 10 PC

1. For starting with the resetting of your Windows 10 PC, go to the Start option that looks like a Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen. If the Windows option doesn’t show options after clicking, use the Start option given on your keyboard (Windows icon.)

setting option windows 10

2. Now select the settings options from the list of various options.

3. Next, you have to select the Update and Security option.

windows 10 update and security

4. On the left-hand side, you will see various options. Click on Recovery.

windows 10 recovery

5. Windows 10 will give you three recovery options. The first option is Reset this PC. This option helps in the simple resetting of your PC. The second option is Go back to the previous version of Windows 10. With this option, you can go back to the previous version if this one didn’t work for you. Finally, the Advanced startup option provides users with additional recovery tools and repairing options.

6. We will try to fix the issues of your PC with the Reset this PC option. Click on Get started.

7. You will be provided with two options. Clicking on Keep my files will remove all the files and settings, but all your files will be safe and sound. On the other hand, if you click on Remove everything, your PC will get rid of all the apps, settings, and your files.

recovery options in reset

Remove everything option is perfect when you want to sell your computer and don’t want any of your Personal files to be saved on the PC.

Clicking On Keep my files Option To Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Data

Assuming that you don’t want to sell your PC and you want all your files intact, click on Keep my files option.

8. If you have recently upgraded your PC, you will be notified that after resetting, it won’t be possible to undo the upgrade and go back to the previous version of Windows. So if you are ok with that, click on Next.

upgrade notification

With this, your PC will start resetting while keeping all your files safe.

Clicking On Remove everything Option

Now let’s assume that you want to sell your PC or due to any reason, you don’t any of your personal data on the PC/laptop as well and you click on the Remove everything option.

9. If you choose Just remove my files, the resetting will be quick but it is not much secure as getting back access to your files will still be possible. But if you click on Remove all files only from the drive where Windows is installed, the time taken for resetting will be more. But getting access to the lost files will not be possible.

options after clicking remove everything

10. After clicking any of the options, you will again get notified that once the resetting is done, you won’t be able to undo the upgrade and go back to the previous version of Windows. Click on Next if you agree.

11. Finally, click Reset on the next screen that appears. This will start your resetting process successfully.

Final Words

Once you successfully reset your Windows 10 PC you will definitely experience better working of your PC/laptop. And all the problems will come to an end. You just need to be patient as the resetting process takes a lot of time and most people try to cancel the process in between. This might result in increasing the problem even further, instead of repairing the current ones.