How To Reset iPhone XR: Simple Methods To Solve Serious Problems

Facing problems on your iPhone XR like a frozen screen, stuck on the loading screen, slow working of the device, unnoticeable button presses is very common. But this can have an immense effect on your productivity. The problem can arise anytime while you are having an intense gaming session or normally swiping the app drawer. But you can easily let go of the problem by force restarting your iPhone. And if the problem still occurs frequently, factory resetting will solve the issue.

So let’s have a walkthrough of how both the things can be accomplished.

How To Reset Your iPhone XR By Force Restart (Method 1)


Unlike the older iPhones (7 or earlier), your iPhone XR has a completely different way of force resetting the device. The previous method of resetting won’t work. So if you don’t know how you can reset your iPhone XR, this is how you can do it.

1. While your iPhone XR is switched on, press and release the volume up button of your device.

2. Now press and release the volume down button of your iPhone XR

3. After that, press and hold the side/power button till the Apple logo doesn’t appear on the screen. Once the logo appears, release the button.

If you see a power slider screen, you need to ignore it. Your iPhone XR will take a few minutes to switch on. Once the screen is on, the force resetting process is complete.

How To Reset Your iPhone XR With Phone Settings (Method 2)


The previous method shows how you can reset iPhone XR with buttons. Now, this method uses the Settings app of the device to reset your phone.

1. Go to the Settings app of your iPhone XR and go to the General option.

General option

2. Inside General, you will find Reset, tap on it.

Reset Option


3. You will see two main options now. Reset All Settings and Erase All Content And Settings. You need to choose Reset All Settings.

Reset All Settings

If you are hesitating to go through this resetting process because your data might lost then you need not worry. This method keeps all your data safe. But the settings on your iPhone will change like WiFi setting and all other settings.

How To Factory Reset Your iPhone XR (Method 3)

Force restart has been done, the saved setting of the phone is undone, but nothing worked and you are still facing the previous issues. Well, then its time you go for the factory reset instead. Maybe the issue with your device is related to the software installed which can not be solved with the above methods. Only the factory reset will work in that case.

Before you follow the method to factory reset your iPhone, you should first backup all your data on iCloud as all your data will be erased after the factory reset. You will need a PC or a laptop to follow the factory reset process. So, once the backup is done, and you have your PC/laptop by your side, follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone.

1. Download iTunes on your Mac or Pc

2. Now connect your iPhone XR with computer and open iTunes.

3. Once you are connected, iTunes will require your password to further continue. If a pop-up shows Trust this computer, confirm it.


Trust this computer

4. From the various options given on the left-hand side, select your iPhone and then click on Summary.

5. You will see an option to Restore iPhone, click on it.

Restore iPhone

6. Finally, click on Restore to start the factory reset process on your iPhone XR.

It will take a few minutes to factory reset your iPhone. Once it’s done, all the issues you were facing will vanish. Now you can backup the data on your factory reset iPhone and use it normally.

Final Words

Well, that’s how you can solve casual problems that you face with your iPhone XR daily. But we would like to suggest that the first thing you should try to fix the issues is switching off and on the phone. Most of the problems wipe out with this simple trick. If you still face problem after switching off and on your device, then you should go for the force shutting down of your device. Now, this might certainly solve your problems. But if you still face issues, then you have no option but to go for a factory reset.