How to Enable Two-Finger Scroll on Windows Laptops

Almost all the laptop users take advantage of the two-finger scroll feature provided on their laptops. And the reason is simple, it’s quite inconvenient to take the cursor to the sliding bar and move the screen every time you want to scroll it. And when the cursor goes down completely, then move back the cursor to the sliding bar again and scroll the screen down. Along with inconvenience, this whole process also hinders the productivity of your work. But why to bear so much pain when you can simply use your fingers to scroll down the screen? Although most of the laptops have pre-enabled settings for a two-finger scroll, if you are unable to use it, then we have some hacks that will let you enable two-finger scroll on your Windows PC. So let us share these tricks with you.

Enabling Two Finger Scroll On Windows Laptop

We are going to share with you two methods that you can use to enable two-finger scroll on your laptops. So, if the first method doesn’t work for you, use the second method.

Method 1: Using Windows Settings

1. Open the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows icon along with I. You can also head to Windows Settings by clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left side of the screen and tapping on the gear icon above the power icon.

windows settings

2. Now Select the Devices option from settings.

windows setting devices option

3. Under the Devices heading, you will see a bunch of options and you need to select Touchpad.

touchpad option

4. Under Scroll and zoom, there will be a Drag two fingers to scroll option. You need to check the box adjacent to it to enable the two-finger scroll.


Once the box is checked, you are all set to use the two-finger scroll on your PC or laptop.

Methods 2: Running Mouse Properties

1. Using the keyboard of your PC/laptop and press the Windows key along with R.

2. This will open up a box with a search box. You need to type main.cpl in the box and press enter or click OK.

run mouse settings

3. Under the ClickPad Settings section, choose the ClipPad Settings option.

clickpad settings

4. This will open the Properties for Synaptics ClickPad. Under the MultiFinger Gestures, you need to check the box that says Two-Finger Scrolling.

enable two finger scrolling

Once that’s done, you are all set to use a two-finger scroll on your PC or laptop. Similarly, you can enable other options as well like Pinch Zoom, Three-Finger Flick, or Rotating.

Still Not Able To Use? Try Updating Touchpad Drivers

There are chances that when you headed towards the option to enable the two-finger scroll, you noticed that it’s already enabled. But still, it’s not working. This problem can be easily solved once you update the touchpad drivers using the steps below.

1. Open the Device Manager on your PC by pressing the Windows key along with X. You can also open Device Manager by searching for it using the search box given at the bottom left corner.

2. From the various options available, choose Mice and other pointing devices.

mice and other pointing devices

3. Choosing it will expand the options further and you have to right-click on Synaptics SMBus TouchPad. Now choose the Properties option.

4. Select the Drivers tap after that and then click on Update Driver.

update driver

5. Under How do you want to search for driver software, select Browse my computer for driver software.

browse my computer for driver software

6. In the next step, select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. Click on Next after selecting.

pick from the available drivers

7. On the next page that opens, uncheck the Show compatible hardware option.

8. From the options available on the left-hand side, select Microsoft and then select Microsoft PS/2 Mouse on the right-hand side. Click on Next after selecting.

select the driver you want to install

Once the driver is installed, restart your PC. Now you will notice that two-finger scrolling is successfully working on your Windows PC or laptop.

Final Words

Two-finger scrolling is the easiest way to scroll the screen of your PC or laptop device. Not using it might hamper the productivity of your work. But some people are not at all able to use this feature, just because the feature is not enabled on their device. But using the methods shared above, you can successfully use the feature. And if by any chance the feature still won’t work then you can use the given tricks to solve any issue hampering the use of two-finger scroll.