How To Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription Via Browser? Methods For Both PC And Phone Devices

Only a person who is out of their senses will say that they don’t like listening to music. It’s always a pleasure for the ears to hear its favorite melodies. And the best thing about music is that you can listen to it for free with amazing music streaming apps like Spotify. But due to some additional features and a little bit of upliftment in the quality of the music, many people prefer to take the subscription plan of Spotify. But according to us, it’s no more than the waste of your hard-earned dough. And if you too have realized recently that you are wasting your money on Spotify premium then it’s time to let go of it. If you try to locate the cancel option on the Spotify browser, there are some chances that you won’t find it easily. It’s simply because the option is located somewhere deep and needs some digging. That’s why we already did the hard job for you and you just need to follow these steps to successfully cancel your Spotify premium membership.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription Via Browser

Canceling Subscription Via Desktop Browser

Office people and others who are quite busy with their laptops daily, prefer listening to Spotify music on their laptop or PC. Those folks can easily cancel their subscription by following these steps.

1. Open any browser on your laptop or PC and head towards the official site of Spotify.

2. You will see a Log In option at the top right side of the screen, click on it.

spotify login option

3. Now, simply LOG IN to  Spotify by proving the email id or username in the first box and your set Spotify password in the second box. You can also choose to CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK, CONTINUE WITH APPLE, and CONTINUE WITH PHONE NUMBER.

login to spotify

4. On the home page of the main site, you will see a Profile option with a drop-down icon on the top-right side of the screen. Click on it.

spotify account

5. After clicking on Profile, you need to select the Account option that appears.

6. Now you need to scroll down a little bit in the Account Overview page of Spotify, till you see the CHANGE PLAN option.

7. Continue changing your subscription plan to free by clicking on CANCEL PREMIUM.

8. Now confirm canceling your premium on the next page by clicking on YES, CANCEL.

Once you confirm canceling your premium plan, you won’t be charged a single penny for listening to music from the next month.

Canceling Subscription Via Mobile Browser

Most of the people prefer listening to Spotify music on their cell phone devices. So it becomes necessary for us to explain the steps to cancel Spotify premium membership using a mobile browser too.

1. Open any browser on your cell phone and go to the main website of Spotify. On the home page of the screen, you will see a hamburger is on on the top-right side. Tap on it.

spotify hamburger icon2. Tap on the Log In option after that.

login to spotify

3. Just like in the desktop browser, now you need to LOG IN to Spotify by providing your correct credentials. You can also choose to log in with Facebook, Apple, and Phone number.

login to spotify on mobile browser

4. Once you are logged in, you need to tap on the Account option that appears at the top.

account icon

5. Now you need to scroll down, locate, and tap on the CHANGE PLAN option under Your Plan heading.

6. CANCEL PREMIUM option will appear once you select CHANGE PLAN. Tap on it.

7. Confirm canceling your subscription by tapping on YES, CANCEL.

Right after clicking, you have successfully canceled your Spotify premium plan and now you can enjoy the Spotify music for free.

Final Words

Just like every coin has two sides, canceling your Spotify Premium membership also has have disadvantages as well. Only the premium users are Spotify are allowed to listen to their favorite music offline which can save a huge amount of data yearly. The biggest advantage of Spotify premium is that you won’t be interrupted with various ads that come from nowhere while you are enjoying your songs. The premium account also help you connect your music with your TV, speakers, and other devices. So think once again before canceling your subscription and take your decision wisely.