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WhatsApp is that the most popular electronic messaging within the world with over one.5 billion accounts active monthly. The app may be installed on each Android and iOS devices and WhatsApp internet is available for portable computer and desktop users.

A series of constant updates unbroken the app recent by adding new and helpful features that set it apart in comparison to alternative messaging apps.

Below you may find a tips list which will teach you to create the most out of WhatsApp.

How to hide your status

Users are asking for some way to hide their on-line status since the app was launched. the corporate has finally granted their wish and you can simply hide your status by following these steps:

Tap on the menu button which will be found within the upper-right facet of the screen.

Tap on the Privacy section and faucet again on the Last on-line section. Switch the selection to no one and you’re smart to go.

Recover deleted messages

This feature can allow you to simply recover messages that were deleted by accident. so as to work the auto Backup choice should be active. The messages may be recovered by loading the most recent archive that was antecedently saved by the service. If you want to keep your immediate conversations safe it’s suggested to alter the save frequency to daily. keep in mind that the app can solely save the most recent archive within the case of iOS devices or the most recent 2 archives on an android device.

Restore lost WhatsApp chats

In order to restore chats, you may 1st find out how they disappeared.

If they were archived you’ll shake your iPhone and an Undo choice should seem, permitting you to recover them in a few seconds.

If the messages were deleted you may have to uninstall the app. once the method is finished to install the app again. throughout the task, a prompt can enable you to recover the most recent chat archive

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