How To Connect Mobile Internet To Your PC Via Tethering?

Your cell phone, PC, and your laptop is of no use if you don’t have an internet connection running on them. Unlike the good old days, even most of the games today require an internet connection. But once in a while, it might happen that the WiFi that runs your PC is not working or you have simply exhausted all its data. And as you haven’t faced any such situation before, you don’t know how to connect mobile internet to your PC via tethering. You’ll be a little surprised to know that there are a total of three tricks that can be used to share your mobile phone data with your PC. Here we are going to share with you all the three tricks.

Connecting Mobile Data To PC Via Tethering

As we stated above that there are a total of three methods with which you can share mobile data on your PC, here are these three methods.

  • Sharing the internet on PC via Hotspot.
  • Sharing the internet on PC via USB.
  • Sharing the internet on PC via Bluetooth.

1. Sharing The Internet On PC Via Hotspot

The easiest and the most popular way to share mobile phone internet with PC is via hotspot. Hotspot sharing is a popular term for sharing the internet by connecting both the devices with WiFi. So basically it’s the sharing of data with PC using WiFi.

1.  Open the Settings app of your cell phone, locate the Personal Hotspot option, and open it.

personal hotspot

2. Simply toggle on the button in front of the Wi-Fi hotspot option.

wifi hotspot

3. Now it’s time to turn on some settings on your PC. Tap on the WiFi icon that you see on the right bottom side of your PC.

wifi icon

4. This will pop up a window and you will see a list of all the available WiFi nearby. Click on the one provided by your cell phone and click on Connect.

5. If the WiFi is open then you don’t need to provide a password and the PC will start using your smartphone’s data. If there’s a password set by you, then you need to enter the password first and then click on Next.

With this, you have successfully started using mobile data on PC via hotspot sharing.

2. Sharing Of Internet On PC Via USB

Here’s another great way to share mobile data over PC. In some cases, the PC finds it hard to connect with a new device. And if the same is happening with you, here’s another method you can opt for.

1. Connect your PC and your smartphone via USB cable.

2. Now long-press the Bluetooth icon to open the Bluetooth settings page or locate it from the Settings app. Turn on the Bluetooth if not already.

3. Keep your PC handy and press the Windows key along with I.

4. Go to the Devices option from the list of various options available.

windows devices

5. Under Devices, head on to Bluetooth & other devices.

bluetooth and other devices

6. Turn on the Bluetooth if not already and tap on Add Bluetooth or other device.

7. Select the Bluetooth option on the next page from the different options available.

add a device as bluetooth

8. All the nearby devices on which the Bluetooth is turned on will appear. You need to select your cell phone from that list.

9. Simply tap on Connect to continue with the data sharing process via USB.

connect bluetooth device

10 Once both the devices are connected, get your phone handy and open Personal Hotspot settings, and select Other sharing mode option.

11. You just need to toggle on the button that says Share phone network via USB.

The sharing of mobile data on PC via USB will start now.

3. Sharing Of Internet On PC Via Bluetooth

Some people might find it difficult to connect their PC with their cell phones via hotspots. On the same hand, they won’t be having a properly working USB cable, or not having a USB cable at all. But there’s still a way to share your mobile data with your laptop. This section does not need different instructions like the above two. You just need to follow the steps given in the second method. But yes, a few changes will definitely be there.

Just ignore the step where you connected both the devices with USB. Finally, while selecting the option in Other sharing mode, select the Share phone network via Bluetooth instead.

That’s it. You have finally learned how you can connect PC and mobile phones for sharing data.

Final Words

If you are facing an internet connection speed someday but the office workload can’t be ignored, in that case it’s best to share mobile phone data with PC. That’s why we came up with these three methods that will definitely help you retrieve the data speed on your PC to normal by sharing the data of mobile phone with PC.

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