Best Cool Themes For Android Free Download

Smartphones already come with a variety of themes and wallpapers. But they are so pale and redundant that you are not at all ready to use them. This makes your expensive phones look dull from the inside, no matter how cool they look from the outside. But it’s not like you don’t have any other option left if you don’t want to use any of the themes offered to you by the cell phone company. There are a variety of apps that provide you with such vibrant and catchy themes for free that others will definitely ask, where do you get these themes from?

Ready to get some compliments on your cool Android phone themes that you can download for free?

Best Cool Themes For Android For Free

1. KWET Kustom Widget Pro Key

kwgt kustom widget pro key

Make your Android phone look like never before with KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key by getting the best designs for the Android launcher and lock screen. Not convinced by the available widgets and themes of the app? No problem. For choosy people like you, the app offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor where you can create your own widgets and designs. Battery drainage can be a problem for other apps and software, but not for KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key. Everything can be done with minimal battery drainage.

2. Go Launcher EX UI5.0 theme

go launcher ex ui 5.0 theme

Freshen up your phone with brand new themes that you can download for your Android phone for free with Go Launcher EX UI5.0 theme. With more than 200 themes for your Android Launcher, you won’t get out of options for trying new themes frequently. Only those wallpapers are available for you which are a perfect match to your phone screen resolution. For enjoying all the amazing themes and wallpapers of the Go Launcher EX UI5.0 theme you need to have the latest GO Launcher EX on your phone.

3. Wallpapers HD 4K Backgrounds

wallpapers hd 4k background

Keep your cell phone updated with all the new wallpapers that can grab the attention of anyone who looks at your phone screen even for a split second. Wallpapers HD 4K Backgrounds has all the high-resolution wallpapers, perfect for your lock screen. You will see only those wallpapers which fit the size of your phone screen, no forceful adjustment of the wallpapers. Even if your cell phone has a high resolution of 2160×3840 px, you can easily find the best wallpapers for your phone. The app has more than 80,000 wallpapers and the new ones are added daily. So it’s not an option to get out of option while using Wallpapers HD 4K Backgrounds.

4. Miracle Go Launcher Theme

miraacle go launcher theme

Beautify the overall interface of your mobile phone with Miracle Go Launcher Theme. With all the exiting wallpapers, you will love your cell phone even more. The unique app drawer interface that you get with Miracle Go Launcher Theme will make your friends envy you. Using Miracle Go Launcher Theme is as easy as a pie. Just go to the app once it’s installed, choose the theme you like and simply apply it to your Android phone.

5. Neon Night Butterfly Theme

neon night butterfly theme

If butterflies have a special corner in your heart then you’re definitely going to love Neon Night Butterfly Theme. The beautiful app interface and wallpapers that include butterflies will make your cell phone look more sparkly and attractive. The 3D looks of the theme increase its charm by many times. With thousands of amazing themes to choose from, Neon Night Butterfly Theme will never disappoint you.

6. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

chrooma live wallpaper

Spice up your Android device with cool themes provided by Chrooma Live Wallpaper. The app provides unique themes with more than 12 different shapes and makes your phone stand out of the crowd. Customizable animation makes your experience with Chrooma Live Wallpaper even better. Even with so much customization and variety of themes, there will be minimal battery drainage while using Chrooma Live Wallpaper.

7. 3D 2020 Theme For Android

3d 2020 theme for android

3D 2020 Theme For Android is a perfect replacement for your pale by default theme set for your Android phone. The app provides cool themes for your Android phone for absolutely free. And with various themes to choose from, you can change the app drawer interface and wallpapers even every day without getting out of options. The app also lets you change font and colors to match it with your theme.

Final Words

Just as you get bored listening to your favorite music, again and again, watching the same wallpaper and theme every time you turn on the screen can also make you hate time after some time. So it’s better to change the complete interface of your phone from time to time with these best cool themes for Android that you can download for free.