Amazon’s iPhone app now lets you find parts for building and repairing things — here’s how to use it

Open the Amazon app on your iPhone and then select the camera icon on the top-right

Tap the bottom of the screen and choose “part finder.”

Now line up the part you’re trying to find on a white sheet of paper next to a penny (this helps Amazon determine the size of the part.)

Amazon will scan the part and return results. It identified this screw.

It also was able to find this O-ring.

And it recognized this nut.

It identified this bolt — though I had to choose the proper head type.

I think most people may still find it more useful to walk to a supplies store, especially if they’re a little uncertain with Amazon’s results or need something in a hurry.
But, if you live way outside the city or if you have a pretty good idea of what you need, Amazon’s new part finder can be a useful tool for finding the right replacement parts. For now, it’s limited to fasteners like bolts, nuts, screws and washers.

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