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    Momo Game || Beware Of 'Killer' Momo Challenge

    Momo Game

    After the blue whale challenge now the mobile challenges haunting social media a picture of a half woman half bird with bulging eyes is spreading fear among the people. The killer game pursues people on social media and asks them to commit self-harm, and threatens to harm the person's loved ones if he or she fails. The game has claimed two lives in West Bengal already,  a picture of a scary woman with big bulging eyes, and a sinister smile haunting people on social media. Even creating panic in India if the blue whale challenge wasn't enough. The Momo challenges the new killer game on social in the past few days two lives have been lost allegedly, because of this deadly game and the threat is now increasing. The two deaths were reported from Saint Alphonsus school in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, and now the game of death continues to grapple the school students and staff who seek Him may be thanking me she knows all of my bio-data and my mother's name and my father's name alarmed.
    The state administration has started taking precautionary steps you should not be playing this game because many times it is atrophy once you enter into you cannot come out of it the result will be very terrible. The killer game features a creepy image of a girl with a distorted face and eyes bulging out all the mother bird Bai Ling Factory the Japanese artist who created the image says she has nothing to do with the game. The Momo challenge reportedly started on Facebook, where members were challenged to communicate with an unknown number. Once the contact with the victim established the game allegedly involves challenges that encourage children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide if a user refuses to follow the orders from the unknown caller Momo threatens them with violent images clothes on heels with deadly blue whale game which claimed almost 150 lives last year Momo monsters communicate with players using WhatsApp Facebook and YouTube cyber experts are warning people to avoid accepting any.

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